In addition to flight instruction, Charlie Foxtrot India also offers aircraft ferry services. Whether you need your plane moved across town, or across the country, we can help get your plane to where you need it. We have experience moving all kinds of planes from coast to coast.

We even offer instructional ferry services. If you are moving into a new type of plane and the insurance company needs you to get a certain amount of flight time with an instructor before they will allow you to fly your new plane solo or with passengers, then we can do an instructional ferry flight where you learn the ins and outs of your new plane as we move it to it’s new home. Below are a few of the planes that we have done instructional ferry flights in so their new owners could start flying solo as soon as they got their plane home. Contact us for a ferry quote today.

Suffolk Executive (KSFQ), VA to Glendale Municipal (KGEU), AZ
Millard Airpark (KMLE), NE to Falcon Field (KFFZ), AZ
Falcon Field (KFFZ), AZ to Manassas Regional (KHEF), VA
Phoenix-Goodyear (KGYR), AZ to Harvey Field (S43), WA
Savannah/Hilton Head (KSAV), GA to Phoenix-Deer Valley (KDVT), AZ
Afton (KAFO), WY to Falcon Field (KFFZ), AZ
Falcon Field (KFFZ), AZ to Fullerton (KFUL), CA