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Do you need a flight review?

Do you want to save money on aviation insurance?

Do you want to maintain more than just the minimum proficiency in order to be an overall safer pilot?

If so, then the FAA WINGS program is one way you can do all of those things. WINGS was design to keep you flying and training more than the mandated two year check-up with a flight instructor that is required by the FARs.

To complete a WINGS Phase usually requires either participating in 3 qualifying events, or taking a few online training courses through the FAA Safety website, and then doing 3 qualifying flights with a flight instructor. Once you complete a WINGS Phase, you will reset your flight review date and have 24 more months before your next review is due.

But, since WINGS is geared towards keeping pilots proficient, it is suggested that you do an event and a flight about once every three or four months. This will essentially get you a flight review once a year. And insurance companies love it when you maintain more than the standard level of proficiency, so there is usually a discount involved for completing a WINGS phase once a year.

For more information about the FAA WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program, go to www.faasafety.gov and sign-up if you aren’t already a member. Then be sure to Contact Me to schedule a WINGS flight.

And don’t worry, WINGS flights are not checkrides, so there is nothing to be stressed out about. It’s just a good way to have some company with you on a flight with someone who can help provide an extra set of eyes and a couple of pointers to keep you flying safe. I’ll be looking forward to helping you out in any way I can.

And you get a Certificate too.