Head above the clouds

In order to stay instrument current you need at a minimum; six instrument approaches, holding procedures and tasks, and intercepting and tracking courses through the use of navigational electronic systems within the previous six calendar months. If it has been between six and twelve calendar months, you still have time to get current, but you cannot act as PIC under instrument conditions until you satisfy the previously stated currency requirements.

In order to meet these currency requirements, you can log any of the procedures flown in actual instrument conditions, or you can fly with an appropriately rated safety pilot while you are “under the hood”. While any private pilot can fill a seat as a “safety pilot”, wouldn’t you rather have an instructor who knows what to look for, and can provide appropriate feedback sitting next to you while you are flying with blinders on?

If it has been more than twelve calendar months since you last completed the tasks to keep instrument current, you now need an Instrument Proficiency Check, or IPC. Like a flight review, an IPC is not a pass/fail situation. It is a way for you to refresh your knowledge on instrument procedures, and spend some time with an instructor knocking off some rust and getting current again.

Whether you are looking to stay current by shooting a few approaches every month or two with someone next to you to keep you safe, or you are looking to get current again after spending a year or more not doing regular instrument procedures, Contact Me so we can work something out to keep you current.